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Many users, even beginners, of Linux or Mac OS are already familiar with the concept or Package Managers. We can, right off the bat, cite a few, such as apt-get, for Linux distributions based on Debian, and Homebrew, for Mac OS X. However, in the Windows world there are many software installation technologies, each one with their own way of functioning (MSI, MSU, APPX, etc.), but that are never as easy as typing a simple command on a CLI window in order to make it happen. This kind of granularity makes it harder, for example, for system admins to have... [Read More]

When Dropbox was first introduced to the world, I became a faithful customer. I loved the service, the idea, the safety and reliability of having my files available both locally and remotely. I no longer had to worry about lengthy backups and system images, anticipating the failure of my hard drive. [Read More]

There are two types of programmers in this world. The IDE-lover, who prefers to use more robust and complete environments to code. And the Editor-lover, who prefers to code in a more clean slate. So, let’s focus a bit on the latter. Editors are among the most common ways of writing code nowadays. [Read More]